So, Paris Hilton is making a ‘Deep House, Techno-Pop’ album…

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So, Paris Hilton is making a ‘Deep House, Techno-Pop’ album…

The title really says it all on this one, Paris Hilton is in fact venturing into the field of deep house and ‘pop techno’. We remember the first time we heard Immunity by Jon Hopkins, so we can’t blame ya Paris.

Apparently this is her long-awaited follow up to her 2006 album ‘Stars are Blind’, the bubble-gum pop commercial release, so this is an interesting change of direction to what she calls ‘deep house and techno-pop’.

Say what you will about her musically, but she is currently raking in $1 million as a charge rate for her gigs, so if anyone has the financial backing to make an album it’s Paris. But despite being the highest paid female DJ in the world, it definitely doesn’t mean the album will be good.

We will just have to wait see what this project sounds like upon release. I for one welcome the ‘techno pop’ with open arms.



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