Jamie xx shares rare live remix of The xx’s “Shelter”

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Jamie xx shares rare live remix of The xx’s “Shelter”

A long awaited Jamie xx remix of The xx’s “Shelter” has finally and officially surfaced onto streaming channels.

For a long time there the track only existed in rips from live sets of the band playing together or Jamie xx sneakily dropping it in his DJ sets from time to time.

Keen fans of The xx will know you can find the original on their debut album from way back in 2011 so to say we’re excited, and possibly relieved to be hearing this thing in high quality is an understatement.

The live remix itself is fairly subtle but like all things Jamie xx its a grower for sure and will make the heart swell the more you listen. Better still is hearing the audience’s cheers and claps from time to time. Oooft.

With news of a Jamie xx album on the way according to Young Turks managing direct Matthew Thornhill we’re guessing this is just a taste of things to come.

Now, to see him and or the band back in Australia. Who’s up to the task??


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