Turns out Jamie xx is working on a full-length album

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Turns out Jamie xx is working on a full-length album

In some welcome news, it turns out British lad Jamie xx of The xx is working on another full-length album… and he’s not the only one!

The news dropped courtesy of Young Turks managing director Matthew Thornhill who was interview by MusicWeek for their Indie Takeover Special. Speaking more broadly he said the label will be focusing on diversity and also the Black Lives Matter movement saying;

“We’ve been questioning everything we do, both internally and externally,” adding “We’re taking a long, hard look at who we are how we operate as people, what our office culture is and how we treat our staff.”

Deeper into the chat the xx came up and thankfully Thornhill spilled details of how they work together and also independently;

“At the moment, all of The xx are working on solo projects. Young Turks artists always collaborate together and The xx are no different, Romy and Oliver both sung on Jamie’s record, Jamie is producing tracks, along with other people, for Romy and Oliver, so there’s a lot of collaboration between the band. They’re all working independently and hopefully, some of that will see the light of day this year from all of them.”

When pressed further on specifically Jamie xx he said that “undoubtedly an album at some point, too, but that’s a little way off yet”.

The hinted album is both exciting yet unsurprising after Jamie xx dropped solo music in April in the form of “Idontknow”, his first single since 2015! It was a change-up for the producer with a ballsy half-tempo drum’n’bass cut so hopefully more to come.

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This wasn’t the only new music from the lad with an even more recent collaboration with local legends The Avalanches and their plonky electronic number “Wherever You Go” featuring Neneh Cherry and CLYPSO.

No matter how you look at it, more Jamie xx the better right??

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