Kaytranada beautifully remixes a Sade classic

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Kaytranada beautifully remixes a Sade classic

Canada’s favourite electronic music darling Kaytranada has put his down time to good use, remixing the O.G. smooth operator Sade’s 1998 single ‘Love Is Stronger Than Pride’.

Taking a break from his more heavy percussive rhythms, this interpretation lets Sade’s undeniably distinct vocal tones lead while he rides out a percussive disco vibe through interesting drum patterns and a subtle but effective bass. The remix retains that out of this world spaciousness that Kaytra is known for through some of his vocal sample manipulation, like the haunting murmured out Sade sample going ooooooo in the background.

This impromptu and unofficial remix follows on from a fantastic collaborative single he did with AlunaGeorge.


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