Four Tet drops wild Drum and Bass remix

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Four Tet drops wild Drum and Bass remix

Kieran Hebden aka innovative producer Four Tet has let slip his first ever drum and bass remix and it’s a doozy!

The remix takes on Bristol-based producer Krust following a 14-year hiatus from the scene. The original track “Negative Returns” is a big whirling slab of electronica that was primed for a raft of remixes so fitting Four Tet got a look in with other remixes to surface from Damian Lazarus and Batu early December.

Four Tets remix certainly isn’t in the realm of Skrillex, who he went b2b with at The Warehouse Project, and instead, is more of a sub-bass, liquid approach. In an entirely placated response on the remix Kieren said;

“This is the first D&B track I’ve ever made, it felt good to do something out of my comfort zone.”


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