Listen to Four Tet and Skrillex’s insane b2b ‘Warehouse Project’ set

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Listen to Four Tet and Skrillex’s insane b2b ‘Warehouse Project’ set

The full back to back set of Skrillex and Four Tet from The Warehouse Project parties has now been uploaded online!

There was probably a time that seeing this unusual pair on-stage together would have raised some eyebrows from each teams fan base, but it seemed like by 2019 that really, anything goes when it comes to the electronic music world.

The ultra-rare and somewhat controversial b2b set was part of a string of parties by The Warehouse Project in Manchester in the UK last year that saw some incredible lineups.

The night these two played was actually curated by Four Tet and saw amongst others, sets from Peggy Gou, Jon Hopkins, local lad Mall Grab, Ben UFO and so many more.

What to make of the set? Absolutely bonkers. With a colossal amount of energy spun with big beats and seamless mixing from the unlikely duo. Reddit user FireFly3D shared his thoughts and managed to sum it up pretty well;

Honestly I didn’t know what to expect. With both artists being renowned for playing completely opposite genres I wondered how they would handle the set.

It ended up being one of the best multi-genre sets I have ever heard. They literally played a bit of everything genre-wise and the mixing was spot on. They definitely had synergy on stage and surprised the audience with clever transitions and song choices and skrillex even paid homage to old dubstep legends such as mala and benga.

Overall a ridiculous set and a fantastic genre-blending journey paying homage to UK subculture.

Now it’s your turn to enjoy, click play below for a little over an hour of ravey NRG!


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