Hudson Mohowke drops ludicrous ‘Big Booty Hiking Exhibition’ mixtape

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Hudson Mohowke drops ludicrous ‘Big Booty Hiking Exhibition’ mixtape

Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke keeps delivering certified gold with the drop of his ‘Big Booty Hiking Exhibition’ mixtape through music purveyors Warp Records,

The mixtape comes a month after his collaboration with dance-duke Tiga on “Love Minus Zero” and was prompted among other things, rediscovery and quarantine

”Back at start of lockdown I decided I was gona release some music of mine that I’d just rediscovered, after thinking it was lost, n some that had appeared in radio rips / reddit / youtube etc that I continually get asked for but has never been available officially”

With Warp Records adding;

“With 2020’s pandemic quarantine compelling everyone to rethink so much about their lives and choices, Mohawke questioned why he’d been hoarding this stuff to begin with. No doubt those formative years of white labels and DJ exclusivity fed into this protective mindset, yet such vigilance eroded while sequestered at home in L.A. “There’s enough distance between this music now,” he says of these songs which date as far back as the mid-2000s. “At some point you have to set it free.”

The mixtape really is full of heavy-hitting sonics and represents a collection of the direct to action sounds we’d come to love from Hudson Mohawke over the years! Expect scratchy vinyl samples, bombastic beats, pitched vocals and dense basslines.

Check out the full tracklisting below

1 – Brooklyn
2 – Mandarania
3 – Spruce Illest Bumper
4 – Animo
5 – Beyond
6 – Tar
7 – 100HM
8 – Wellpark
9 – Rosado
10 – Macanudo
11- Herberts
12 – Pushin The Levels
13 – Liquid Heat
14 – Monte Fisto


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