Lunice and Hudson Mohawke return as TNGHT, drop bizarre track “Serpent”

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Lunice and Hudson Mohawke return as TNGHT, drop bizarre track “Serpent”

TNGHT, the collaborative project between Lunice and Hudson Mohawke is back with new music since the release of their loud electronic cut “Acrylics.” way back in 2013.

The return has excited fans who have patiently been waiting out a 6-year hiatus with a bizarre electronic cut dubbed “Serpent” making it’s way online.

On first listen you’d think “Serpent” is… jarring to say the least with a collection of oddly stacked drums and samples literally banged together into a haphazardly produced track but there are glimmers of BIG moments mid-stream that indicate this is part of something else, possibly an EP or album on the horizon.

Looks like we’ll also be getting a 2-hour Essential Mix from the pairing October 12th according to the BBC Radio 1 site, what seems to be a perfectly timed debut!

If that isn’t enough for you, dive into a one hour mixtape from Hudson Mohawke that he dropped recently filled with stacks of unreleased music and something he’d suggest ‘have a good long wank while listening’.


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