Be the first to listen to Bob Moses stirring new ‘Desire’ EP

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Be the first to listen to Bob Moses stirring new ‘Desire’ EP

Bob Moses has finally released their long-awaited ‘Desire’ EP that features the already banging lead single also titled ‘Desire’, produced alongside the ever enigmatic ZHU.

The new EP is a concept record made for the clubs. It hits the spot emotionally with arching highs to earth-shattering lows and everything in between. The journey of the track succession drew us in as listeners and made it incredibly hard to pinpoint a favourite moment. It instead felt more like it collectively reflects a complete, bold and impressive body of work.

Bob Moses explains the club concept further;

The initial idea started as we were producing tracks on the road while touring our last album Battle Lines. We were mainly playing bigger venues with our band and then would do a bunch of DJ sets at after-parties etc. So we both started making a bunch of beats and ideas that we could play in those, focused on the dance floor. Then once we did the collab with Zhu, some of those ideas started to coalesce around that track as an anchor point. We started to think that it would be cool to release some of these more dancefloor focused tracks in some capacity but weren’t quite sure how yet.

… and of course on the name of the EP;

Then once we got to the lyrics, we noticed that a few of the ideas we were most stoked on were all touching on the concept of desire in some way – how it can lead you to freedom or ruin; be a source of pleasure or pain depending on how you looked at it. What we ended up making is a concept record for the club in the sense that it is mainly dancefloor focused and inspired by our DJ sets, but it is a concept record in the sense that there is a through-line to the themes discussed in each song, and it’s mixed together to flow like a DJ set, best appreciated as one continuous listening experience.

It really feels like the natural evolution of the pairing who are just as comfortable playing behind the decks as they are performing live and the ‘Desire’ EP a true reflection of that!

Check out the ‘Desire’ tracklisting and all streaming platforms here or below:

1. “Love We Found”
2. “The Blame”
3. “Desire” with Zhu
4. “Hold Me Up”
5. “Outlier”
6. “Ordinary Day”

Also available on Apple Music

‘Desire’ by Bob Moses is out now on Domino Recordings Australia!


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