Bob Moses share massive new single with ZHU

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Bob Moses share massive new single with ZHU

Electronic duo Bob Moses are back with not only a huge cross-collaboration complemented by a gorgeous interactive video, but also the promise of an EP penned in for August.

The new single “Desire” features ZHU, who has notched up some impressive wins over the years, including hundreds of millions of streams and notable collaborations with Skrillex and one of Australia’s biggest musical exports, Tame Impala in 2018.

The new single is supercharged with emotion, combining the ever potent vocals and soundscapes from Bob Moses with ZHU’s driving chords and bass-line. At times you feel like you could sob and others, climb a mountain victoriously!

Touching on the release, Bob Moses outlined the inspiration for the EP which is essentially a concept record, but for the club;

“We wanted to make something that was continuously mixed, something that would take the listener on a journey and replicate that feeling we try to create when we’re playing our sets in a club,” adding more on the EP; “Desire can become quite destructive if you’re not self-aware. With this record, we’re trying to be self-aware by looking at our own desires and reckoning with them, stories about desire are timeless: Icarus flying too close to the sun and ending up falling to his death…that idea inspired the falling man on the album cover. That symbolized to us how desire can lead to a downfall.”

Those wondering just how the single and August due EPs’ final sounds came to be, should look to mix engineer Mark Ralph. He has worked on releases from Daniel Avery, Dusky and Hot Chip to name a few.

The single is out now on Domino Recordings but better still, you can dive into a wild interactive music video for ‘Desire’ below while you wait for the mini-album and 12” Vinyl released 28 August.


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