Flosstradamus returns with classic trap banger

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Flosstradamus returns with classic trap banger

Flosstradamus has shared his first new music of 2020 and it doesn’t disappointed with a firm nod to a classic era of high energy trap music.

The track “So Far” is actually a collab with Danish trio and nonsens and is jam-packed with surgery 90s rave sounds, pitched vocals and a classic slamming synth. You know when clubs and festivals are back in action that this will be one of those neck-snapping moments!

Seems like Flosstradamus is returning to his roots post the split with his previous partner Josh Young in 2016 who cited creative differences during the music making process;

“When it came to music we didn’t collaborate. Songs were usually produced by one of us. Curt usually produced the originals, and I usually handled remixes and collabs. I don’t miss sharing [that] creative responsibility.”

Read more about the split here.

With both artists releasing a consistent stream of originals and remixes it seems like it was the best option at the time!


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