Flosstradamus Will Continue As A Solo Venture

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Flosstradamus Will Continue As A Solo Venture

The recent news Josh Young leaving Flosstradamus certainly rocked the dance music world, however the HDY Nation can relax as Floss is far from a dead project.

In a recent Facebook post, Flosstradamus’ Curt Cameruci confirmed that he will continue the project by himself.

The post reads as follows:

The reports of Flosstradamus’s death have been greatly exaggerated. A movement does not stop when one of its founding fathers goes abroad – it only gets bigger! Flosstradamus will continue and I am excited to carry the torch. Josh will always be a part of the #HDYNATION and we wish him the best on his future endeavors.
– Curt

Exciting news for fans who thought the world was nearing it’s end.

On top of that, for all you Aussies out there, FOMO Festival has confirmed both Josh and Curt will be completing their upcoming festivities, meaning this will be the last chance you have to see Josh alongside Curt on stage. Feels.

Grab tickets for FOMO here, and lets enjoy a recent mix from Floss below.


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