DJ Boring shares shimmering single, announces EP

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DJ Boring shares shimmering single, announces EP

Melbourne born, London based electronic whizz DJ Boring has risen from a two-year hiatus to drop new music from his forthcoming shimmering ‘Like Water’ EP.

Straight up, the title track “Like Water” is fresh, it’s fun, it chuggs and has plenty of replay value. There’s a good reason for all of that with it coming from the producers live set which was envisioned with 100% unreleased material and quickly became a fan favourite.

The rest of the EP is meant to channel inspirations from Chicago House, Detroit techno and even trance and funk with DJ Boring explaining “Although created for the live show I wanted this EP to be more than club tracks and have a sense of fun to it”.

Chatting with the producer back in 2017 he talked of the almost accidental moment his break-out track “Winona” was uploaded without permission to Youtube where it offered the initial popularity around him and his sound.

The EP drops June 12th on Technicolour. Check out the full track-listing and magical video for “Like Water” below.

DJ BORING – ‘Like Water’ Tracklisting

1. Like Water
2. Another Day
3. Stockholm Syndrome
4. Seems Like Yesterday


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