Baauer announces new album, shares heaving new music

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Baauer announces new album, shares heaving new music

Baaur is a name we haven’t heard for aeons and that checks out when you consider he dropped his debut album ‘Aa’ in 2016, some four years ago following his astronomical rise off the back of his viral hit “Harlem Shake”.

Well, the good news is Baauer is back and he’s got another album on the way dubbed ‘Planet’s Mad’ with even better news you can listen two rather bulky singles right now.

Strangely in a time of features, it’ll be feature-less with the title track “Planet’s Mad” and “Magic” below evidence of just that.

Where’s Baauer at in a melting pot of sounds these days? Still dropping big, large, brash sounds with the title track a gritty rock-influenced number while our personal pick “Magic” a more melodic, muddy drum cut.

All 12-tracks will drop June 6th! Take a listen below.

Needing some more? Check out Baauer and RL Grimes b2b in Sydney in 2018 here.


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