Ross From Friends teases a new EP this August

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Ross From Friends teases a new EP this August

Brainfeeder signed artist Ross From Friends is back with a new EP in the works for fans to enjoy in this coming August. Ahead of the release of the works, the full name Felix Clary Weatheral has shared a single for your ears to eat up in the meantime titled ‘The Revolution’.

Best known for his exploits as a lo-fi house producer, Ross From Friends really came to light in 2018 with his first full album ‘Family Portrait’, a 12 track LP filled with a variation of melodic and crooning ideas with honorary mentions to songs, Wear Me Down and Pale Blue Dot that hit plenty of popularity.

The new taste of music is mixture of sampled and tribal and disco rhythms, neither peaking nor dropping below a mid level energy range. It’s one of those midnight tunes that sets the pace of the dance floor and strangely enough, could be as easily listened to while doing some work at the desk.

If you love what you’re hearing, it’s worth listening to his Lab London mix to catch the full Ross From Friends vibe. The EP will available on Fly Lotus’s Brainfeeder label on the 16th of August.


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