How to turn a field recording into a fun drum beat with Ninajirachi

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How to turn a field recording into a fun drum beat with Ninajirachi

Fresh off the back of creating an anthem for FIFA Women’s World Cup contenders The Matildas, Ninajirachi is spreading some of her honed production skills to her fans.

Currently a teacher at Ableton Certified Training Centre, Liveschool, Ninajirachi has dropped a video explaining how she transforms a field recordings to add texture to her drums. Music makers listen in! Not only is the video a very practical and entertaining guide to understanding how to devise a creative spark in similar fashion, but if you need a bit more time to tweak how you do it, we’ve added a step-by-step written guide below.

How to add texture to your drums with field recordings with Ableton Live

1. Place the field recording audio file into in simpler.
2. Chop it up into the simpler slice mode
3. Copy the drum notes to midi track featuring the field recording in Simpler
4. Adjust the transient detective sensitivity in Simpler
5. Transpose the midi until you find a sound you enjoy
6. Finally, play around the the filter and envelope settings in Simpler, until you find something you like!

If you’re digging Ninajirachi music production tips and tricks, she’s also released her own sample pack with Splice that you can download for free.


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