The architect of the lockout laws is the CEO of Racing Australia

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The architect of the lockout laws is the CEO of Racing Australia

The Opera House is set to be lit “magnificently” tonight with a beautiful advertisement for a frankly cruddy horse race. Both Liberal federal and state leaders agree it’s for the the benefit of NSW. It’s kind of odd that despite 200,000+ people signing a petition to stop it from happening that all the leaders are singing from the same song sheet.

Enter old mate Barry ‘no tears’ O’farrell. The disgraced premier of NSW who left politics after an ironically alcohol related incident. He’s now calling the shots as the CEO of Racing Australia and the leader of the organisation pushing for the advertisement to be displayed on a heritage listed building.

It gets better, according to the Sydney Morning Herald recently released FOI documents show that tough new gambling laws were watered down for Racing Australia and it’s media partners including Seven West Media to allow them to continue popular and aggressive advertising tactics.

Included in the documents were admissions that horse racing is “highly dependent on media distribution and promotional support which is in turn “dependent on wagering advertising”.

All in all, appalling and saddening stuff.

For those who’re keen to protest tonight, there’s an event happening at 8pm you can find more details about here.


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