Two suspected deaths following Defqon Music Festival

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Two suspected deaths following Defqon Music Festival

NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian has vowed to do all she can to stop Defqon.1 music festival ever being held again after the tragic death of two punters from a suspected drug overdose at the event on the weekend.

Any life lost from drugs is a tragedy. It’s happening every day in different spaces and under different circumstances. It would be impossible for media to report every single case.

Defqon.1 had 30,000 people in a controlled environment with security, police, first aid, OH&S and more. They would have done everything they could to ensure the attendees had a fun and safe time.

To respond to two suspected overdoses with the threat of a total ban on a music festival is as knee jerk as the lock out laws and not going to fix any problems. It’s only going to send more events into uncontrolled environments aways from the authorities eyes or ears.

Every day, police and ambulance staff will continue to respond to a much broader problem controlled by an underground market, not even remotely attached to music.

It’s time to take a first step towards the safety of everyone at events and introduce pill testing. We don’t condone drug use but we also don’t condone our leaders burying their head in the sand.

Those two lives could have been saved.


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