This keen Defqon fan has sussed the drug detection dog situation

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This keen Defqon fan has sussed the drug detection dog situation

One keen hardstyle fan has taken matters into her own hands in finding out the rather precarious drug dog detection situation that may be present at this weekends sold out Defqon festival that will see some 25,000 revellers descend towards the Sydney International Regatta Centre just outside of the city for a bit of a hak and gab.

The reason for the curious call has come after some rather sticky policing earlier this year in which punters, detected by sniffer dogs at a dance event were turned away from the venue even without being found in possession of any illegal substances, something reinforced by NSW Police with an ominous statement targeting another event in June.

Super-fan Jade Doran took to Facebook to let friends know that she’d given the local cop shop a buzz and enquired about similar tactics that might be used on the day. Thankfully the officer on the other end of the line said yes there will be drug detection dogs but if you aren’t found with anything on you, you’re all good to continue into the festival!

While this may seem like a solid indication of what will be happening this is not a clear statement and anything really could really happen on the day, so obviously use your head and look after yourself and your mates.

To those not familiar with the festival or those looking for a serious untz to get you ready, check out the sheer scale and effort that goes into the annual event by checking out last years after-movie below, holy hell!

Oh and in other news… over 13,000 drug possessions were incorrectly recorded in NSW last year.


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