ODESZA are finally dropping a belter they’ve been teasing for yonks!

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ODESZA are finally dropping a belter they’ve been teasing for yonks!

ODESZA are an interesting couple of dudes. One one hand, they are the bringers of soothing, emotional electronica that has you feeling a strange mix of nostalgic and loving. Late Night is a great example of that melancholy sound they often channel from their latest album, A Moment Apart – read more about that here.

However, the other hand is dedicated purely to heavy-hitting anthems that are handcrafted for a more large-scale setting. Their forthcoming release is precisely that. Having already given this tune plenty of run in previous shows, the Seattle duo are finally giving Loyal the official release it deserves, having made this pretty damn clear in the way of a teaser video across their social feeds today. Check it out below:

As mentioned above, the track has been getting spins for over 3-years without actually being released, and now that day is finally upon us, with the premiere coming tomorrow at 9am PST via Beats1.

Set that alarm clock and get yourselves ready! Check out a fan’s recording of Loyal from Coachella earlier this year to hold you over below.

Here it is in it’s glorious full version;


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