Major Lazer drops new single & announces heart breaking news

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Major Lazer drops new single & announces heart breaking news

Major Lazer have always been on the fringe of afro-beat influence and their latest single ‘tied up‘ has taken it one step further and become full afro-RnB-banger!

Serving as the third single in as many weeks from Major Lazer’s afrobeat DJ mixtape it’s an evolution in sound from their Peace is the mission album. Featuring Mr. Eazi and Raye, the song utilises the duality of vocals and creates a soulful energy that pushes a love song style vibe and gets the heart moving.

The good times aren’t without a little bit of sadness after Diplo recently announced to Complex that “Next year marks our last album” for Major Lazer. That being said, he indicated there will be “…a lot of stuff (happening) between now and then.”

In last week’s release, Orkant/Balance Pon It they utilised the energy of South African artist Babes Wodumo to create a track that exemplifies fun and and high energy.  Comparatively All My Life ft. Burna Boy is a lot more low key with a completely different energy and filled with brass sounds that go perfectly with Burna’s smooth laid back voice.

At this rate, we can’t wait to check out the next season of releases they’ve got planned, so keep any eye and ear out to experience some true afro beat goodness at the hands of a bunch of talented collaborators x Major Lazer! Check out the tune Tied Up below and tell us what you think!


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