Sydney gun Mickey Kojak shares twisted video for ‘Get Out’

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Sydney gun Mickey Kojak shares twisted video for ‘Get Out’

Mickey Kojak is no stranger to brooding lyrics and bubbly chords, and now a new video accompanies the sound to express the struggles of up and coming artists willing to do whatever it takes for recognition.

The video builds tension, as the scenes progressively divulge, the beanie wearing man leading the performance, is about to push his apprentices to the uglier sides of compliance with his wishes. A scene with four performers around the teacher, with one bouncing a table tennis ball, one holding an umbrella and one sternly looking into a brimmed hat as they all tug at elastic bands wrapped around the instructor, while they all wear grotesque face masks looking like something out of a lighter version of Donnie Darko.

Its been just over a month since we last had the chance to hear Mickey Kojak play something to a live crowd. Good chances that it was for the reasons of making this video and others on his Youtube, but we know future shows aren’t too far off. Keep your eyes pealed.

Let us know your thoughts on the video below, a little crazy but a lot of fun!


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