Mickey Kojak’s Surrender EP is pure bliss

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Mickey Kojak’s Surrender EP is pure bliss

Synth enthusiast and Sydney’s little gem Mickey Kojak released his highly anticipated Surrender EP that everyone has been anxiously waiting for. After releasing his two exceptional and highly praised singles Ghost and Save Your BreathMickey Kojak is now wrapping up the year with his eclectic and stunning EP.

The dynamic production is cleverly written and well-put together. You delve into a journey through Mickey Kojak‘s mind and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Surrender ties live instrumentation, soft vocals and electronic elements together to create a powerful and bold project.

Wistful melodies, percussive grooves, rich harmonies and lots of textures are evident in Mickey Kojak‘s EP and we can’t seem to get enough of it. “The lyrics depict a desperate scene of internal struggles and a constant uphill battle, reaching the climax in it’s final chorus in a huge wave of emotion and sound”. A truly impressive EP and a fantastic to way to finish the year on a high note.

Keen to see Missey Kojack?

You can catch Mickey Kojak playing at The Landsdowne tomorrow for EMC. You can cop tickets here.

Stream Surrender below!


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