Hear all 15 tracks from RL Grimes’ ‘NOVA’ combined into one huge mashup

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Hear all 15 tracks from RL Grimes’ ‘NOVA’ combined into one huge mashup

What started out as a remix of just one track off of RL Grimes‘ new album NOVA, quickly spiralled into full-on mash-up madness, says Sydney producer, Heimanu.  Reaching the top of online bass community r/trap on Reddit, the track is smashing its way across the internet.

“Soon into the process I added some other songs from the album to try and create something unique and interesting. Over the next few days every track from the album eventually found its way into the project,” says Heimanu.

The remix takes some of the most iconic samples and vocal lines from RL Grimes’ first LP release in 4 years, and combines them into a distinctively RL influenced track – but with an extra dose of energy, if you can even imagine that. If someone with no knowledge of RL’s output, heard this tune, it may not even be clear to them that it’s a mashup – with the pitch shifts and seamless transitions, it plays out as one cohesive song. The track falls into a softer sequence as it finishes, showing off both Heimanu and RL’s ability to bring emotion into bass music.

Be sure to check out the track below! Heimanu will support Getter at The Ivy on the 1st of September, and you can find out more here and obviously you can catch RL Grime at This That in Newcastle!


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