This mini-documentary details Diplo’s rise to global fame

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This mini-documentary details Diplo’s rise to global fame

Prolific American DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Diplo has dropped a highly anticipated mini documentary series detailing his path from Florida to California.

The Mad Decent label boss traces his roots back to his first project Florida, up until his latest release, California. The mega-star has a right to be a touch self indulgent, after a successful international music career spanning over 20 years.

“I don’t think i could have made a feature record back when I made Florida with rappers on it,’ Diplo proclaims. ‘There is this open minded feeling in hip-hop that you have right now where anything’s possible…they aren’t constricted to the genre anymore like they used to be.’

Diplo discusses his beginnings as a producer in Florida before he ‘cut my teeth in Philadelphia’, before making the career defining move to America’s new age music hub, Los Angeles.

Check out ‘Florida to California’ for an insight into the mind of a prodigious talent and to see what it takes to make it in the proverbial big smoke.


(Source: Thissongissick)


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