RL Grime releases heaving single “Pressure”

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RL Grime releases heaving single “Pressure”

RL Grime is a master of teasing tracks through his Halloween mix VI and on his Youtube videos of recent tours, but this time he is delivering the goods in its glorious entirety with Presssure.

After Henry Steinway’s debut album 4 years ago, the OG trapman has stayed up the cutting edge of the scene through a steady release of singles and remixes. Since Void his life has been non-stop high impact with his touring schedule as a festival headliner, and one of the top acts on infamous the Wedidit label.

Soundscapes, deep rumbling basses, pitch gliding vocals and mind bending leads are what we have come to know from the elite trapster and from what we gather of new song ‘Pressure‘ we think the upcoming second album Nova is going to be more than fire.

You can catch him at This That 2018 in November, but for the mean time here’s his latest to get your feet stomping.


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