Perto is the up-coming local producer demanding your attention!

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Perto is the up-coming local producer demanding your attention!

If trap/rap is your thing, then Perto – born Rupert Howarth – is someone you need to get around!

The Sydney-born producer is no newcomer to the scene; in fact he has been making music for several years now. Having honed his craft and grabbing plenty of studio time with his contemporaries such as Enschway, Perto has developed immensely as an artist and after hearing his latest release, it looks like they’re well and truly on show. Not to mention he can hype a crowd…

Titled What U Need, this high-energy new offering is a heavy-hitting, bass driven flex of his skill-set that allows up-coming rapper all damn day to flourish. Perto is certainly doing plenty to demand your attention, including a collaboration with the aforementioned Enschway on his Friendschway Vol. 3 EP that drops tomorrow.

Listen to What U Need ft. all damn day below and be sure to keep eyes locked to his social channels for more. We predict big things from this guy.


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