Enschway breaks down every track on Friendschway Vol. 3

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Enschway breaks down every track on Friendschway Vol. 3

If you follow Sydney producer Enschway closely, you’ll know damn well that this EP has been a long time coming. Friendschway Vol. 3 comes 2-years after the last project from the enigmatic artist, who has paired the release of the EP with a nationwide tour that kicks off in July. Teaming up with 16-year-old wunderkind producer Perto, Sydney local Leotrix plus Jupe and Savoi on the final track, the project showcases the mind of an artist who has been spending his time honing his craft with no issue pushing the boundaries.

To get our heads around the monster that is Friendschway Vol. 3, we asked Enschway to give us a track-by-track run-down of the EP. Dive into his personal log of Friendschay Vol. 3 below.

‘Lose It’ ft. Perto

So I first came across Perto around two years ago when I found his Soundcloud and was super impressed with a remix he’d done; especially because of the fact that he was only 15 at the time. Sent him a soundcloud dm and decided to get together and make a tune & ‘Lose It’ is what came from that session. We finished It about a year ago and have been playing it and teasing it in our sets ever since so it’s a weird feeling having it finally come out.

‘Can’t Stay Here’ ft. Leotrix

Funnily enough I met Leotrix in the session with Perto when we made ‘Lose It’. We only decided to make a tune a few months later and ‘Can’t Stay Here’ is what we made. Ethan (Leotrix) is one of the most insane producers I’ve ever worked with. The sounds he can make with the stock ableton synth are stupid. I thought we’d make a weird crazy tune together & it turned out to be spooky and haunting but also filthy at the same time.

‘Make It Work’ ft. Jupe & Savoi

This tune is one of the ones that just slowly comes about and evolves. Jupe lives over in the US so there’s no chance to get a face to face studio session which usually helps with the creation of a song, but I feel like we connected really well over this one and loved the changes each other made every time we sent it back and forth. I’ve always wanted to work with Savoi so I was stoked when he wanted to contribute to this one. This is the more calm and easy listening track of the EP and personally my favourite song i’ve produced.

Listen to Friendschway Vol. 3 in full below, and revisit his previous EP right here. To catch this man and his friends in action, be sure to snag tickets to the Friendschway tour that kicks off from July 6 ft. Daktyl and Vincent. More info here and below.

Tour Dates

July 6 – Mr Wolf, Canberra
July 7 – Villa, Perth
July 13 – Metro Theatre, Sydney
July 19 – Fat Controller, Adelaide
July 20 – The Met, Brisbane
July 21 – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
July 28 – Studio, Auckland (Enschway only)


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