Light Friday drizzle confirms Jason will be dogging the boys

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Light Friday drizzle confirms Jason will be dogging the boys

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Local Coogee resident Jason Clarke (24) is looking likely to be flake on tonight’s plans with his mates due to the unnerving carpet of rain clouds circling the CBD right now.

Clarke, who works in customer service for Appliances Online has become known amongst his friend group for justifying staying home with his girlfriend on the weekend with any and all options on hand.

Tom Arrowsmith, a close friend of Clarke’s, told B-Side that “it’s all too common for this flaker. Any excuse to stay in and snuggle with his girlfriend with a block of chocolate seems fit these days.”

Clarke spoke exclusively with us this afternoon, detailing whether or not he will dog the boys again tonight due to the inconsistent weather patterns. He said “yeah, it’s not looking likely. Bit chilly today and I don’t want any part of this drizzly rain situation. Plus me and Jess (his girlfriend of 8 months) were thinking of finding a torrent of that new Star Wars spin-off to entertain the block of Cadbury that’s been staring at us in the fridge all week.”

He added that “it’s never easy letting the boys know in the group chat, but as a common occurrence I’d say the shock value is nearly all gone. Should be a piece of piss. I’ll give them the heads up around 4pm, I reckon.”

We will update this story with the boys’ reaction as it comes.


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