Spenda C and Miss Blanks stretch conventions on new track ‘My Type’

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Spenda C and Miss Blanks stretch conventions on new track ‘My Type’

If you’re a sucker for the push-and-pull rhythms from the likes of Baauer, RL Grime and Diplo, theres a high chance you’ll love this genre-bending new track from Spenda C. With a solid arsenal of trap heaters under his belt, the Sydney based producer has returned with one of his most dynamic tracks yet, drawing influence from hip-hop, dancehall, pop and hardstyle all in the space of just over three minutes. With the help of Brisbane rapper Miss Blanks, this track oozes with personality, whilst serving as a treat in a club environment.

Beginning with the thudding of tribal drums and howling panpipes, the beat soon kicks in carrying Miss Blanks’ unapologetic vocals before transitioning into a slow burning hip hop groove. After the first verse we are hit with an irresistibly catchy chorus backed by a bed of sinister horns before segwaying straight into verse 2. Lastly we are launched into an unexpected Diplo-esque dancehall drop consisting of hard-knocking kick drums and gliding distorted vocals. With such an ambitiously fluid track under his belt, Spenda C seems to effortlessly jump between genres, making for an innovative yet palatable dance track.

Listen to ‘My Type’ featuring Miss Blanks below.


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