Watch Miss Blanks’ boss new video for ‘Haters’

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Watch Miss Blanks’ boss new video for ‘Haters’

After releasing her fiery and dynamic debut EP Diary Of A Thotaholic last November and wrapping up the year with a number of festival appearances and shows under her belt, Brisbane native Miss Blanks has dived into the new year with a video clip to her tune Haters. 

Directed by the talented Aislinn Lowe and teaming up with Aywin, the video clip screams boldness and an ‘I don’t care what you think’ attitude while Miss Blanks and her clique walk through the streets of Sydney’s inner west. In the clip, Miss Blanks is doing her thing but encounters and takes polaroid shots of people that sport judgemental looks around her therefore making them one of her ‘haters’. With the video carrying a fun and quirky concept, it’ almost like a big ‘fuck you’ to those who constantly give off a negative energy.

“It was important that I/we channeled everything that was being felt at the time into the track and then also for the video. I think when creating the track, I had so much anger inside of me for all of these people that did me wrong in the past and presently, but moving into 2018, I had to also look at myself and what I was doing to me that was also essentially self-harming/hating. Haters is a screw you to all the bad people out there that are trying to bring you/others down and a reminder to ourselves not to bring ourselves down.” – Miss Blanks

Miss Blanks will be making an appearance at this year’s Laneway Festival along with a string of headlining shows so be sure to catch her because her stage presence is absolutely glorious and energetic.

Check Miss Blanks and Aywin‘s video clip to Haters below!


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