Lo-Fi house producers admit the genre was a mistake

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Lo-Fi house producers admit the genre was a mistake

‘Lo-Fi house’ has been confirmed as a mistake, according to the sub-genre’s leading artists.

This shocking revelation came in the way of a joint letter to fans from the likes of Mall Grab, Ross From Friends, Baltra, DJ Boring and more.

The letter reads as follows:

“Dear fans, we have a confession to make. Lo-fi was a mistake.

We have all gained immense success since coining this sub-genre a few years back, but we feel as though we’re living a lie. The truth is, we never actually meant for the music to sound like it was playing through a paper bag, it was a filter we used and were unaware of. By the time the music was out there, it was too late. Interestingly enough, it was a hit. 

We feel as though we owed it to you all, the supporters of this sound, to know the harsh truth.”

Mall Grab, one of the early ambassadors of the sound, spoke directly with Stoney Roads today, saying “I had no idea what this would lead to. I never expected others to follow suit, actively trying to make their music sound like it is constantly red-lining”.

Despite this, we at Stoney Roads are strong believers that the best art is often accidental. Because of this, we will continue to support Lo-Fi House and the many artists pioneering the sound.

Have a great April 1st 🙂


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