SOPHIE drops a filthy new banger ‘Ponyboy’

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SOPHIE drops a filthy new banger ‘Ponyboy’

Coming off the back of one of the most enchanting, beautiful pop ballads of the year ‘It’s Okay To Cry’ without warning, the enigmatic electro producer/singer SOPHIE has proven her unpredictability yet again with a dirty, heavy banger titled ‘Ponyboy’.

This is not the pop tune that her previous single was, if that means disappointment for you. But, this is certainly a reminder of her previous album ‘PRODUCT’ but with an extra bit of grit that comes with age as a producer. It’s more daring, and in your face than what we have heard previously from the artist, plus rocks a much slower and steadier groove.

The singing is dialled back a lot, with mainly vocal samples (that have been twisted and cut) making up the vocal work on the track, but they repeat some really catchy refrains throughout. The beat is wonky, percussion is industrial-influenced and the bass is distorted like hell.

Nonetheless, this is another catchy and creative bumper from SOPHIE, but kind of throws us off on what to expect from her upcoming record. We’re excited anyway, because she really can do no wrong.


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