An Aussie bush doof may be behind the stitch-up of the year

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An Aussie bush doof may be behind the stitch-up of the year

A small bush rave has successfully achieved the stitch-up of the year, disguising their event as an engagement party to authorities who are not very stoked about it.

The Wild Horses festival took place over the weekend in a paddock in the rural suburb of Cornella, and was reportedly organised in a private Facebook event while the Campaspe council was under the impression the event was just to celebrate a couple of love birds tying the knot.

Council made the undoubtedly surprising discovery when they visited the grounds on Friday, to find 500 punters in full doof mode. Definitely not what they expected.

Despite the festival organisers offering to pay for accomodation for nearby residents and claiming punters did not have to pay entry for the private event, Campaspe council confirm they will be investigating the matter. Hopefully they all find some common ground, but you can’t help but respect the stitch-up quality on this one.

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(Source: Hit FM)



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