A bunch of classic Fatboy Slim tunes are getting Aussie remixes!

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A bunch of classic Fatboy Slim tunes are getting Aussie remixes!

The Kite String Tangle has stepped right up into the big leagues this year, dropping an album that blew the Australian electronic community away, and now being included in the lineup of Australian producers to remix some tracks from the one and only Fatboy Slim.

As part of a forthcoming compilation, TKST has taken on the massive hit ‘Praise You’, and boy does he turn it into his own. It flows beautifully, with lovely chords and swirling synth layers that add much more colour than the piano that drove the original. This isn’t better than the original, don’t get us mistaken, the original version is one of the greatest electronic songs of all time. But this is certainly to commended for his attempts to take on a classic tune and really turn it into a Kite String Tangle number.

Speaking on the remix, TKST says “Fatboy Slim is an untouchable artist and ‘Praise You’ is one of his seminal works. I really can’t imagine the current music landscape without this artist or this song and so to get to put my own touch on it was a humbling experience.”

This is the first track off of an upcoming compilation with contributions from various Australian producers (and a metal band) listed in the track listing below. It’s titled Fatboy Sim vs Australia and will be released on January 19th through Skint/BMG. This release will coincide nicely with Fatboy’s run of festival headline dates around the country with Electric Gardens.

Peep the tracklist below as well as the impressive, Reg Mombassa artwork.

1. Praise You (The Kite String Tangle Remix)
2. Sunset [Bird of Prey] (The Aston Shuffle Remix)
3. Star 69 (LO’99 Remix)
4. The Rockerfella Skank (Sam La More Remix)
5. Weapon of Choice (Set Mo Remix)
6. Right Here, Right Now (Carmada Remix)
7. Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat (Northlane Remix)



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