Sydney’s getting a run of free summer parties and you’re invited!

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Sydney’s getting a run of free summer parties and you’re invited!

Wanna groove along to some banging tunes, be close to the ocean and soak up the summer sun all for just $0? Well good news swings your way. The team behind Sydney’s Finer Things and have put their heads together to throw a weekly free party called Sounds Like A Good Time at Beach Road Bondi (and believe us, it sounds like a effing good time).

Their first lineup announcement features some pretty baller artists including DJ Boring, Black Loops, Bloody Mary, James Pepper, Tony Not A Snitch, Steven Be Calm, Gerd Janson and a whole lot more. Finer Things have also hinted there’s a stack of internationals still to be announced! Keep your eyes peeled for that.

Word on the street is that a number of after parties will be thrown once the event finishes with the friendly faces of Beach Road Bondi sorting out transport from the venue so…if this sounds like it’s up your alley, then jump onto their first event that kicks off on the first Sunday of December!

If you’d like to get on top of these parties you can RSVP through here. Suss out the full post below.


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