Ableton Live 10 to drop early next year with plenty of new features

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Ableton Live 10 to drop early next year with plenty of new features

It’s been nearly 5 years since any upgrades were made to Ableton, and 2013’s Ableton Live 9 is looking a little worn out with the new production programs that have entered the tech game since then. But Ableton’s about to take over and reign the production world with Live 10 looking like it’s right around the corner. This is the most significant upgrade since the transition to Live 7 in 2007.

These improvements on Live 10 are looking pretty damn serious. There’s a new synthesiser called Wavetable, as well as three new effects. We’re also going to be looking at a lot of different sound libraries and changes to make music at quicker and easier rate. They’ve also integrated a new step-sequencing layout that will display notes at the top of the screen. They’ve also fully added the Max for Live into the program; a system for building synths, effects and more.

Check out the full preview which gives a rundown all the awesome details here:

The box version of Ableton Live 10 will cost $99 for Live Intro, $499 for Live Standard, and $799 for Live Suite. Check out the full list of new features in Live 10 on Ableton’s website.


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