There is a free Macbook Touch Bar preset for Ableton Live

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There is a free Macbook Touch Bar preset for Ableton Live

If you can get through trying to use Ableton Live in the first place then I commend you, but there is now a new preset that aims to make life easier using the Macbook’s new Touch Bar.

Tech company pATCHES have released the FREE preset that works with Macbook’s new Touch Bar, enabling users a plethora of shortcuts at the press of a button such save, loop, windows, time controls and many more.

Swipe To reveal.gif

Speaking on the Touch Bar and their new preset, pATCHES write: “After owning a new MacBook for some time now, I can report back to say the Touch Bar is no gimmick at all – everyday applications like Photoshop, Quicktime, and Premiere get a productivity boost with app-specific toolsets right at the top of your keyboard”.

“Ableton Live has not yet received any official support for the Touch Bar, so we at pATCHES put together this collection of icons, shortcuts, and macros to take advantage of the adaptable portion of your keyboard.”

It sounds like The MacBook and keyboard are working in perfect harmony to create the most user friendly experience as possible. Theres a 45 day free trail but you can purchase the product here for $8.99USD.

(Source: FACT Mag)


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