Study finds that Mushies could help with depression

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Study finds that Mushies could help with depression

A new study has uncovered the positive effects of magic mushrooms for people suffering with depression.

Undertaken at Imperial College London, 19 patients were subject to psilocybin – the naturally occurring psychedelic prodrug compound found in mushies – and after 5 weeks more than half of the them showed a positive response.

Scientific Reports state that patients showing a positive response to the study have had a decrease in amygdala CBF as a result of psilocybin.

“The post-treatment brain changes are different to previously observed acute effects of psilocybin and other ‘psychedelics’ yet were related to clinical outcomes. A ‘reset’ therapeutic mechanism is proposed.”

Speaking with the BBC, Dr Robin Carhart-Harris explained “Patients were very ready to use this analogy. Without any priming they would say, ‘I’ve been reset, reborn, rebooted’, and one patient said his brain had been defragged and cleaned up.”

He went on to add that that mushrooms should not be used to self-medicate. Sorry everyone.

This exciting discovery follows recent studies into the use of MDMA to treat alcoholism. What a world we live in!

(Source: Mixmag)


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