SOPHIE returns with a stunning new track and video

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SOPHIE returns with a stunning new track and video

The UK enigma, SOPHIE has finally exposed her face and voice in this new video for her brand new, beautifully composed track ‘It’s Okay To Cry’. This came out of nowhere, no signs of a change in direction, no teasers, no ambiguous posts; just a sudden track and vid upload to her Facebook page.

‘It’s Okay To Cry’ defies all expectations that we may have had towards new SOPHIE music. The left-field, bass-heavy jams have been discarded and superseded with a much more melodic and emotional approach in making pop music. Rather than being the straight-up club-banger that she’s already pushed boundaries of, this is well-structured with a clear verse and chorus coupled with sentimental lyrics to bring out a side of her that we never thought we’d see.

She puts her production chops on the back-burner for this one as the instrumental is stripped back with an airy, gorgeous chord progression, perfectly catering to her gentle yet charismatic vocal delivery. The video defines the phrase ‘simple but effective’. We see what she looks like for the first time as she sings right to us, putting all the emotion right on the forefront, in front of a sky-line backdrop.

The track may seem a little similar to other PC Music releases, and we can sympathise with you if you just want to hear more off-the-wall anthems like ‘BIPP’ and ‘LEMONADE’. But we don’t get enough pop music out there that’s this pure and driven by such raw feelings.

We don’t have any clues about what’s coming up for SOPHIE, but we also had no information leading up to the release of this single, so we’ll let her do what she does on her own terms and keep our jaws dropped over her artistry.



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