There’s a huge party for marriage equality going down this weekend!

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There’s a huge party for marriage equality going down this weekend!

Reclaim The Streets have been rallying to unlock Sydney’s nightlife restraints for quite some time, but this weekend the crew are turning their attention to marriage equality.

With the plebiscite for marriage equality currently rolling out and dividing conservative and progressive Australians, the team behind Reclaim The Streets have decided it’s about time for another gathering, with plans to take over Prince Alfred Park on Saturday, Sept 23,  to promote a YES vote. Because, after all, it’s 2017 and people should be able to marry whoever the hell they want already!

Speaking on the event, a spokesperson from Reclaim The Streets says they “hope this festival will provide the queer community with a collective moment of catharsis as they cast their votes together.”

“Getting thousands of people together for a festival will also be an opportunity reaffirm, and form new friendships and connections needed to fight this long, damaging campaign for marriage equality.”

It’s never a RTS rally without some hot tuna, though, with Saturday’s soundtrack coming from a fine selection of local crews such as:
Deeper Than House
Swerve Saturdays
Roots Odyssey
Rabbit Prawn Kollective – RPK
The Church of Screaming Electro

For more info, head to Reclaim The Streets’ event page right here. And btw, VOTE YES!!


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