Studio Time: Yahtzel shows us the tools behind his tunes

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Studio Time: Yahtzel shows us the tools behind his tunes

Following a long hiatus from music, Sydney’s Yahtzel made an big return in 2017 in the way of his latest single ‘Someone Else’ feat. Savoi that dropped last month via ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective.

Known for his unique twist on future bass and electronica, Yahtzel became an instant hit in the Aussie scene back in 2014 with a string of impressive originals and reworks, and it is clear the South coast born producer has been developing his sound and has musically evolved.

We caught up with Yahztel this week to chat about the mechanisms behind his music for the latest instalment of Studio Time.

For any tech heads out there, take note. Give his latest tune a listen while you read:

Novation Bass Station

An awesomely powerful mono synth with a really thick sound. It’s my favourite little synth for bass. It was a spur of the moment armada purchase but I have ended up with it. So Drew, you have some time booked for the bass baby!

Roland FA-06

My go-to, My workhorse, My everything. This synth has been in every song i have released since the girls EP, and will continue to be for years to come. An absolutely wonderful digital workstation with a nice warm overall sound. everything from hermitude-esque synth leads to bang on guitar lead emulations. Warm keys to melencholy and sparse synth-pads. this is probably my favourite piece of gear ever.

Fender Jazz American Deluxe

A bit of a family tradition, my dad bought a fender jazz in the early 80s and passed it on to me for my recording. In 2015 I was in one of my favourite guitar shops in Sydney (guitar lounge) and had the pleasure of playing an American Deluxe Jazz and bought it before I could think. or really afford at the time! A very tasty instrument by any means. Had many great recordings since.

Fender Telecaster

My all round red devil for palm muted funky plucks. Also will be seen plugged into a multi-fx pedal. Used this in quite a few tracks including my new one “Someone Else”

M-Audio Keystation

Because everyone needs a midi keyboard. I love weighted keys and simplicity in MIDI controllers and this ticks all the boxes.

Novation Mininova

Tonnes of versatility slammed into a tiny unit. Also has a nice little vocoder worth checking out.

Teenage Engineering OP-1

Don’t even know where to start with this. I have been a fan of Teenage Engineering for a long time but had never taken the step to buy the much fabled OP-1. After our good m8 Xavier Dunn came into the studio he let me have a little tingle on his OP-1, and it was everything I imagined and more. It’s almost like having a basic battery powered Ableton that you can throw in your back pack. Best piece of tech for getting ideas out quickly and easily.


Always packed with me for those moments I hear sound or textures in nature that I NEED to have. SUPER high quality recordings, 4 XLR inputs for external mics/instruments.

What do you think of Yahtzel’s gear? Be sure to give his new single ‘Someone Else’ ft. Savoi and ear and get along to his national tour. Check dates below and revisit our last Studio Time session with Luke Million here.

Watch as Yahztel takes on our new series ‘Win or Bin’, be prepared for some laughs!


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