Listen Out punter arrested with Vegemite coated drugs on his old fella

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Listen Out punter arrested with Vegemite coated drugs on his old fella

It doesn’t go down as one of the traditional uses of the classic Aussie breakfast spread, but a bloke has been arrested for smuggling drugs attached to his penis with Vegemite coated on them.

The man was attending the Melbourne sitting of the annual touring festival Listen Out, before he was nabbed by authorities along with 23 other punters who were arrested carrying illicit substances on the day. You can only imagine what the cop thought when he saw Vege covered drugs…

Speaking on the arrest with the Herald Sun, Port Phillip Acting Inspector Stuart Bailey says “We found several males had the drugs wrapped in plastic and wrapped around their penis… One smothered his MDMA in Vegemite believing the dog would not be able to detect his drugs. Wrong!”. Wrong indeed.

Tough luck for that dude, however using Vegemite for that? An unholy method to say the least.

Other than that,  Inspector Bailey said “The crowd was really well-behaved from what I saw so I was really pleased… It was a warm day, St Kilda was pumping, but we didn’t have that many drugs … we had probably more in the medical tents because of headaches and dehydration and things of that nature”.

So what have we learned from this incident? Stay hydrated, and keep the Vegemite for your toast.

(Source: Herald Sun)



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