A Flux Pavilion classic just copped a huge new remix

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A Flux Pavilion classic just copped a huge new remix

Matroda puts his unwashed, grimy hands on this already nasty Flux Pavilion tune appropriately titled ‘Bass Cannon’, and turns it into a total house knocker. He’s filled our headphones and club floors with gigantic bass-heavy beats for a couple years, but he’s about to take the rave world by storm with this huge track.

The EDM-head knew that he couldn’t compete in phatness with Flux Pavilion’s original drop, so he’s gone with a different approach in remixing this track and has toned the distorted intensity down. He’s switched the beat up quite a bit to make it feel more four-on-the-floor, creating a big-bass house anthem with a driving groove. He’s also made it feel a little wonkier, playing with the synths and textures in an interesting way. It’s still in-your-face, and will certainly electrify the room, but this could get people dancing at 10pm rather than at 3am. But this does not mean it can’t rattle speaker, because this thing certainly still bumps, hard.

Matroda is playing at the The Met in Brisbane this weekend, and we encourage you to see his gigantic drops and bangers shake this venue. Go and dance kids!


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