UK legend Goldie speaks on ‘gentrified’ clubbing industry

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UK legend Goldie speaks on ‘gentrified’ clubbing industry

Goldie is not shy of speaking his mind, which is why it’s so important to take note of what the UK selector has to say.

In a recent interview with The i Paper, the drum n’ bass producer took aim at nightlife and clubbing as a whole, saying “they’re all gentrified.”

“Gentrification has fucked clubbing. If you’ve got to get searched with someone’s finger up your arse to search for a pill just so you can go and see some live music, there’s something very wrong with the system. Because the last time I checked, this wasn’t an airport.”

Goldie certainly likes opening up during interviews, in fact he revealed the first name of renowned UK street artists Bganksy as ‘Robert’ in another interview earlier this year, leading back to previous speculations that Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja is in fact the artist. However, that is yet to be proven and Del Naja denies it. A great conspiracy, though!

What do you think of Goldie’s remarks on clubbing? Has nightlife softened up? While you ponder your answer, stream his brand new album ‘The Journey Man’ below.

(Source: Mixmag)



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