Premiere: Hansaa shares beautiful visuals for ‘Need To Know’

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Premiere: Hansaa shares beautiful visuals for ‘Need To Know’

Aussie born, LA-raised artist Hansaa has released a stellar music video to his hypnotic new song Need To Know featuring Oliver Tank.

This dark yet beautiful video carries multiple themes such as love, despair, friendship and death, and bounces between two different storylines – a tragedy and a love story.

Within the first minute we can see something devastating has happened, leaving us with a question…Who did the girl shoot? The cold, blue colour grading on the video creates a negative and sad feeling on the viewer and works with Oliver Tank‘s emotional vocals.

As the video progresses, it switches to another character’s more positive memories; drinking and smoking with friends, kissing a loved one and generally not caring about anything else in the world except for the ones close to him (though there are times where he looks like he’s troubled).

The video, Hansaa‘s song and Oliver Tank‘s vocals all play a vital and unique part on their own. When it comes together, it brings out a powerful, visual and emotionally-rich creation that hits us in the soft spot.

Watch Need To Know below!



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