Banoffee shares vibrant music video for ‘Ripe’

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Banoffee shares vibrant music video for ‘Ripe’

Words by Eric Pham

Melbourne’s Banoffee has today released the music video for her latest single ‘Ripe’.

The colourful video begins focused on Banoffee and two friends sitting on a couch watching television in room illuminated with pink and blue lighting. From here, we are greeted with yet another Banoffee – because more Banoffee’s is always welcome – who performs the song from the depths of the television screen song as the others dance.

This obscure video concept is remarkably executed – kudos to COCO, MAXIMILIAN and Banoffee herself for directing it – and takes me back my Saturday mornings watching Rage and Video Hits as a kid. Nothing warms the heart like a good hit of nostalgia.

Speaking on the video, Banoffee say she “wanted to showcase the friendships I’ve made and the light heartedness that comes with making clanky pop music.”

“This video works to express the polarities of Banoffee, the different elements that together form an entity that’s grown and morphed so much since it first began. Like the foundations of this song, the video explores different textures, personalities and aims to blur the line between wonder and eeriness.”

Watch the video for ‘Ripe’ below and see what you think.


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