Bicep’s new tune ‘VALE’ is further proof their debut album will be nuts

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Bicep’s new tune ‘VALE’ is further proof their debut album will be nuts

Words by Max Jacobson

London-based duo Bicep are seriously on the flex (excuse that pun) with the build up for their debut self-titled release, and they have just served up another interesting piece of music with ‘VALE’.

This chilling, third single gives us more reason to believe in Ninja Tune’s decision to sign these guys, and this label has been more on-point than ever in 2017. The track has an ambient tone, but keeps true to it’s U.K. garage style, mashing two vibes together in an effective way. Throughout the track there are murky synths and eerie vocals that ring out over the top of a left-field groove. Bicep nicely contrast these atmospheric sounds with a distorted, garage bass that only makes the track darker and grimier. It’s weirdly chill, but can also work as a cerebral listen.

Here’s a GIF of an actual bicep to break up the text.

Image result for man bicep flex gif

Arnie in his prime! Anyway back to BICEP the group.

The record will fuse classic elements of house, techno and even Italo disco, brought together to create the duo’s unique sound. If there’s one thing about Ninja Tune’s recent releases, it’s that they have all been unique in their own way, so we can assume this one will be nothing short of that. If you a fan of experimental electronic, or techno/house music on the fringes (and we know there’s a lot of you), this seems like an album to keep your eyes out for.

The album is set for a September 1st release, and we can hardly wait!


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