Basenji ends hiatus with bubbly new track ‘Don’t Let Go’

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Basenji ends hiatus with bubbly new track ‘Don’t Let Go’

Words by Max Jacobson

Sydney’s own Basenji has returned after a hefty hiatus with a sweet new single, ‘Don’t Let Go’ feat. Mereki.

After his hectic touring schedule supporting Flume across Europe and America in 2016, as well as stacking up a load of Aussie festivals, he is on his way back to dominating radio and dance-floors with his cheerful vibes again for the next 12 months.

This new song is Basenji’s music at his finest; fun, bouncy and quirky. The beat is a little more fast-paced than what we’re used to from the producer, but not less catchy and danceable. The melodies from the synth and Aussie-born vocalist Mereki etch themselves in your head upon first listen. As fun as this track is, there’s a lot of detail in the beats and layered synths of the track, reflecting the talent and skills that we all know he has. This is a side of Basenji that shows off his pop sensibilities more than ever before and shows growth in his production since his 2015

After rapidly climbing to the top of the local electronic music scene in 2014, recieving FBi Click Producer of the Year and smashing the iTunes electronic charts, and a monumental 12.6 million Spotify plays for his debut EP, whatever Basenji does next is eagerly anticipated by lots of us local electronic fans.


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