Tiga opens up on ‘not killing it’ at recent show

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Tiga opens up on ‘not killing it’ at recent show

It might not be easy to admit at times, but like any musician, a DJ is prone to just “not killing it” when they perform.

Tiga is the latest DJ to experience this, and has taken to social media with a long winded apology to his fans in Rome after delivering a less than on par show.

The Canadian producer touched on the many factors that can result in a bad set, such as lazy programming, not understanding the crowd and simply not having that magic that you might usually have. We’ve all been there.

Check out the full message below. What do you make of it?

“Here’s something nobody talks about; how about when you DONT kill it. How about when you are what is actually wrong with the party. Your programming is lazy, your decisions are Ill-informed, you vacillate between confidence and cluelessness. Your records sound slow. You can’t maintain a connection. The center cannot hold. You summon up arrogance to bolster your position. THEY obviously don’t get it. Those “people” out there.

That unknowing primitive mass doesn’t understand the levels: that I’m a tortured post-trance, deep-funk acid-tinged anti-techouse futurist pop-laced groove martyr and that even when my effort is minimal and my energy is anemic and my playlists are best compared to outsider art and my grasp of the situation is utterly compromised by my self-absorption—- they should still bow down to my REPUTATION and go crazy and scream and clap. 

But no. There are nights when they know something you don’t. And just like that, for a few hours, the magic is gone. And that’s ok- makes it all the more magical when it reappears in another city, on another night. 

So yeah, sorry Rome. I love you but I just didn’t kill it tonight. 

Love T”



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